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This guidance covers the design and planning of swimming pool facilities and their support accommodation.

The information includes a design guidance note, supporting audit checklist, case studies, and access to capital cost guidance through the planning kitbag and lifecycle costs.

pdfSwimming pools design guide 2011

Outlines the basic principles and concepts of good swimming pool design aimed at those involved in facility development. This 2011 amendment includes general updates and takes into account BS EN 15288, PWTAG 2009, new changing room layouts, addition of new sections relating to stainless steel pools and pool refurbishment and integrates the latest comments received from the national governing body.

pdfSwimming pools audit checklist 2011

Checklist for reviewing swimming pool projects during development applicable to both new and refurbishment projects, cross referred to Swimming Pool DGN. Updated to follow the 2011 version of Swimming Pool Design Guidance Note.

Affordable Community Swimming Pools (NEW)

This new information is intended for the early briefing and design stages of swimming pool projects. It is an essential reference for new community swimming projects or where the rationalisation of the existing swimming pool stock is being considered.

The document has a particular focus on the ‘affordability’ and ‘future financial sustainability’ of swimming pools but at the same time it illustrates how new projects can meet a full range of community needs and comply with best practice standards.

pdfDrowning Detection Systems Briefing Note 2011

This briefing note has been produced to assist building owners, operators and key members of the design team in understanding the implications of adopting a proprietary drowning detection system. The note discusses the key issues, pros and cons of the available systems along with available legislation and advice.

Swimming pool case studies

The following case studies have been produced to capture evidence of schemes including swimming pools that are considered by SE as good quality facilities.

  • pdfCrawley - K2 Leisure Centre (comp 2005)
    Including  50m x 8 lane pool, learner pool and kids leisure pool
  • pdfCorby - Corby International Pool (comp 2009). 
    Including 50m x 8 lane pool, 20m x 4 lane warm-up pool and kids leisure pool
  • pdfKillingworth - The Lakeside Centre (comp 2007)
    Including 25m x 6 lane pool & 13 x 7m learner pool)
  • pdfXcel Leisure Centre - Coventry (comp 2008)
    Including a 25m competition swimming pool, health suite, 4-court sports hall, 
               60 station fitness suite, exercise studio, creche, cafe, outdoor netball courts and
               two multi-use games areas (MUGA).
  • pdfSurrey - Godalming Leisure Centre (comp 2012)
    The leisure centre wet side consists of a 25 metre 6-lane competition swimming
               pool and a 12 x 8metre learner pool. The dry side consists of a 60 station fitness
               gym and a 30 person exercise studio.
  • pdfLambeth – Brixton Recreation Centre (comp 2010)
    Modernisation and refurbishment of changing/toilet facilities to an existing 1970’s
              swimming pool including new lockers, changing cubicles and accessible facilities.
  • pdfMatlock – Arc Leisure Matlock (comp 2011)
    The leisure centre consists of an 8-lane competition swimming pool with a
               movable floor, poolside competitor seating, over 200 spectator seats and a
               13 x 7m learner pool with a separate ‘introduction to water’ area including fun and
               play features. On the dry side, Arc Leisure Matlock has a 4-court sports hall, 50
               station fitness suite, exercise studio and café
  • pdfAbbey Stadium Leisure Centre - Redditch (comp 2012)
    Facilities consist of a 25 m x 6 lane competition swimming pool, learner pool,
               pool viewing for 300 spectators and a wet changing village. The existing dry side
               centre was refurbished to create two new fitness suites, an exercise studio, a
               refurbished 5 court sports hall and new changing areas.
               The centre includes heat reclamation plant to use waste heat from the adjacent
               crematorium. This provides efficient heating of both the main pool and the learner

Swimming Pools FAQs

These cover the most frequently asked questions relating to planning, design, construction and maintenance of Swimming Pools.

They are intended for the use of clients, designers, and the wider public and seek to supplement Sport England’s existing design guidance relating to Swimming Pools.

For enquiries regarding specific sports, we also recommend contacting the appropriate national governing body of the sport.

pdfFAQ Swimming Pools October 2012

Swimming pool cost guidance

A list of facility and lifecycle costs for the development of community sports based on providing good quality sports facilities.

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